Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Shoe Blues

I have five weeks until my European, African and Chinese adventure, however, I have a serious case of the shoe blues. After finding an assortment of striking booties that will define the northern hemisphere's Fall trends for 2010, my trip has become secondary to the incessant desire I have to blow a serious wad of cash on some new shoes. Sure, bling is back, with chunky rings finding their home on every finger of a woman's hand, but nothing beats a dramatically over-the-top pair of statement heels.

Rachel Comey Sir Barton Boot in Gold. Image sourced from Creatures of Comfort.

Acne Admire Wedge in Purple. Image sourced from Creatures of Comfort.


  1. Oh
    The Acne Admire Wedge. It's love

  2. Ami! I'm so happy you read and commented on my blog! The Acne wedges are amazing in black, but the purple are just so out-of-this-world, right?