Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ellie 4 JC

As you all are aware, I have a sick obsession with magazines; when I don’t have a hard copy sitting in my hands, I fossick through various mag websites for information.

Only yesterday, doing the mag-hag rounds, I found myself on Instyle Australia’s page, gawking at a pair of Chanel clogs. Clogs, like cupcakes and wearing socks with sandals, are globe trotting, making appearances in blogs, websites, magazines internationally. I recently purchased two pairs of clogs that have been glued to my feet.

My favourites – Jeffrey Campbell Snick Wedge and Jeffrey Campbell Charlie Wooden Clog

Sharp and shrill, Jeffrey Campbell is screaming into ladies’ shoe collections across the world. JC manages to balance aesthetics, practicality and affordability with his ready-to-wear shoe designs – from towering, glam-rock wedges, to knock-on-wood clogs, this US based designer has created footwear for women that can be worn all day in the office, then coupled with a Friday night ensemble for a night out in the city. I am totally smitten with Jeffrey Campbell, thanking him for his creative eye for style, comfort and economical understanding – a pair of JC’s will not break budget, I assure you.

What do you think Bits & Bob-sters? Get your check of approval? Invest in a pair, or 3! Seriously.

Cool and Kickin’ back... in style

Amongst the vast spread of rumours circulating around the weird and wonderful things an iPhone is capable of, Apple have out done themselves to the extent that they have bridged the gap between unorganised, fashion no-hopers and those who eptomise the notion of style, itself. How so? The ‘Cool Guy’ iPhone application.

By taking some happy snaps of the clothes hanging in one’s wardrobe, the Cool Guy program catalogues each item, so that no garment is ever forgotten. A person can consult this application when deciding what to wear for the day, putting together outfits from a mosaic of photographs. Wait, wait, wait – the Cool Guy also has a handful of fun features, including Wishbag element that encourages a person to take a picture of something they see in a store, allowing them to look back on it days later.

As seen on, the Cool Guy applications leaves us with a fabulously geeky gadget, that, despite it’s difficulty to use, promises to slap a little cool in ever nerd’s look. Seth Cohen, anyone?