Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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James Franco is taking over the world. Yes, this quite a large claim, but it is certainly backed up with some solid evidence. Since graduating from Columbia University's MFA writing program and enrolling in a PhD  English program at Yale University - while, simultaneously, balancing an acting career and the production of his first book, Palo Alto - Franco has been named as host, accompanied by Anne Hathaway, of the 2011 Oscars to be held on the 27th of  February. Prestigious? Indeed.

However, Franco is still scoring brownie points by just having recently directed and starred in The Broken Tower: The Life of Hart Crane, based on the biography of a homosexual American poet of the 1920's, written by Paul Mariani - with a release date to be announced.

Sexified (yes, this is a legitimate word; ask Ke$ha and Urban Dictionary. Did I really just call on Ke$ha to bail me out of a textual dilemma?),  mystified, jaw-droppingly mesmorised, I have a feeling I may just be FRANCO-fied.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


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During 2010, I was fortunate enough to spend my 21st birthday in Hollywood with my darling friend Kate, score some very important internships that will hopefully further my career, travel to Europe and China with my Dad, as well as decipher a problem that has been plaguing me for seven years - that's another blog post entry. Now it's 2011 - resolutions are out of the bag and so begins the struggle that is being strapped into the harness that may protect you from things like smoking or swearing too much, yet giving up these so-called luxuries can certainly prove to be difficult!

With the rolling-on of another year, along comes another birthday. Despite feeling a little down that I am adding an extra year onto my age (eeeep!), I am really looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my friends and seeing what 2011 has to offer - while attempting to kick old habits to the curb.