Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LC's Beauty Department

Image sourced from The Beauty Deprartment, via Refinery 29 and The Cut.

Whether it be watching repeats of The Hills or picking up the March issue of CLEO – did you know CLEO was the first Australian magazine to have LC as a cover girl? – I have enviously attempted to fault LC, coming up empty handed; she is just so frickin’ gorgeous! My jealousy focuses in on not only her Teen Vogue internship, but also extends as far as her perfect tresses – straight or curled –, her cat’s eye eye-liner technique, and her regular wear of black nail polish.

For those who share my beauty grudge against LC, unable to mimic her style without a little assistance, introducing The Beauty Department: the collaboration of Conrad and her makeup and hair stylists, offering their tips and tutorials to the World Wide Web on their new website, launching yesterday.

Image sourced from The Beauty Department.

As the old, cliché saying goes: ‘if you can't be her, join her.’ We’ll all be reality television material soon enough – and I’m talking The Hills, not Jersey Shore.

P is for Portman

Image sourced from www.weheartit.com.

Yeah, we all know Natalie Portman is kind of a big deal in Hollywood, correct? What with her Best Actress Award at the 83rd Academy Awards earlier this year for her role in Black Swan – and not to mention her unforgettable performances in my personal favourites, Garden State and Closer, Portman is, for lack of a better or more original phrase (it’s been a long week), kicking the Hollywood movie scene’s proverbial ass. Australia, too, recognises her world-wide success with both InStyle Australia (yay, Chloe!) and madison magazines, featuring the star on the cover of each of their May issues.

Although, it wasn’t the accolades or her flawless face plastering newsstands which caught my complete attention; yesterday I discovered Natalie Portman is a rapper. OK, so I am a little late in picking up on this bizarre fact. In 2008, getting ghetto-fab and armed with a trash mouth giving Andy Samberg’s genitals reason to be scared of her, Portman performed ‘Natalie’s Rap’ on Saturday Night Live. Drinking, excreting, fornicating – all defined using enough profanities to carry a successful conversation between two drunk sailors – Portman, within the rap, is (rightfully) described as a ‘bad-ass bitch’ – and despite how crass I am making this song out to be, it is absolutely hilarious. A+ for Portman.

Feeling creepy

Image sourced from www.weheartit.com.

OK, so probably not the most alluring title for a blog post, however, I just couldn’t describe my current state of obsession with a pair of Faster Pussycat’s in any other way. I saw a pair of creepers in a Vogue Australia shoot last year, fell in love, attempted to purchase a leopard print set, but my dollar-dry wallet had other plans: pay overdue car loan repayments, fill up car with petrol to turn that annoying orange light off, and pay back my brother the thirty-dollars I borrowed from him, possibly, the year before last.

My love for creepers has been inconveniently reignited, again thanks to Faster Pussycat, with their unisex shoes being showcased in an array of newspaper and magazine style sections and online websites like Elle.com. I think this calls for a sturdy piggybank which can only be pried open for creeper-related purposes only. And I’m not just talking about the shoes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Serial eraser

Image sourced from www.weheartit.com.

When I get mad, I erase. I am known to tear my bedroom apart in search of memory bombs with the ability to detonate and take me back to the original source of anger in an instant. Usually this ritual is conducted when an ex-boyfriend has sent me over-board, frustrated past the point of deranged madness. OK, that is a slight exaggeration, but all you need to do is ask my boyfriend about my habit of destroying important mementos; on and off for just over seven-years, JH and I once exchanged a book of letters, which I, in what I can only describe as a heart-wrenchingly anger-fuelled fit, tossed into the trash. Error!

It was only this week I organised my entire email inbox, deleting anything remotely linked to people I no longer speak with – well, only one or two people, really. After hitting the ‘Empty Deleted Items’, I realised what I had done – and despite not needing these emails, there was no need to get rid of them as absent-mindedly as I did. Sure, bad things have happened. Relationships have been built form nothing, then have crumbled back into the dust they came from. Relics of the destruction once defining the connections I had with these people litter my bedroom – as well as my Outlook inbox! Although, without some of these small tokens, I guess I wouldn’t be able to appreciate what I have now and how lovely some of those friendships once were.