Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feeling creepy

Image sourced from www.weheartit.com.

OK, so probably not the most alluring title for a blog post, however, I just couldn’t describe my current state of obsession with a pair of Faster Pussycat’s in any other way. I saw a pair of creepers in a Vogue Australia shoot last year, fell in love, attempted to purchase a leopard print set, but my dollar-dry wallet had other plans: pay overdue car loan repayments, fill up car with petrol to turn that annoying orange light off, and pay back my brother the thirty-dollars I borrowed from him, possibly, the year before last.

My love for creepers has been inconveniently reignited, again thanks to Faster Pussycat, with their unisex shoes being showcased in an array of newspaper and magazine style sections and online websites like Elle.com. I think this calls for a sturdy piggybank which can only be pried open for creeper-related purposes only. And I’m not just talking about the shoes.

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