Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shaking up stress

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Grumble, grumble, grumble. This is the sound of frustration. Agitation, for me, comes in stages, with each stage characterised by some sort of distorted noise. For example, the beginning of irritation could sound something like a low rumbling, cussing underneath my breath - Mutley style. Depending on the severity of the matter, you could possibly hear a loud GRRR, or perhaps even a string of nonsensical profanities spilling from my mouth. Hey, nobody's perfect, right?

Now, I have tried a few different things to alleviate stress and aggravation, with my most recent discovery being children's movies. Coraline, Where The Wild Things Are, The Secret of NIMH, Beauty and The Beast, and Toy Story 3 have all silenced my incessant complaining, played a part in preventing me from flipping out at screaming toddler on a nine-hour flight from Hong Kong to Sydney (GRRR!!), and boosted my mood from Ground Zero to sky-high - all within an hour and a half of each viewing.

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So, if you're feeling grumpy or a little wired, take the time out to watch a family favourite. If only all the world's problems could be cured with a dose of Disney.

Home is where the heat is

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Yes, I deserve a slap on the wrist for leaving my blog untouched for so long. Since my last post, I became acquainted with Wuthering Heights and the infamous fog swallowing up the moors of Worscester in England, scoped out the military attire, coupled with trenchcoats, on the streets of London (as well as catching up with my darling friend, Erin!), stayed in a castle in Florence, Italy, got completely saturated trudging the busy streets of Rome, as well as eating five-star Yum Cha in China and Hong Kong (so delicious!!).

After experiencing the bone-chilling bitterness of the fast-approaching European winter, coming home to the sweltering heat and humidity has definitely warranted the abuse of airconditioning in my house. Oh and not to mention trips to the beach and agonising whether to toughen up and dive into the icy water or not. It is so lovely to be home, sweet home.