Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Shoe Blues

I have five weeks until my European, African and Chinese adventure, however, I have a serious case of the shoe blues. After finding an assortment of striking booties that will define the northern hemisphere's Fall trends for 2010, my trip has become secondary to the incessant desire I have to blow a serious wad of cash on some new shoes. Sure, bling is back, with chunky rings finding their home on every finger of a woman's hand, but nothing beats a dramatically over-the-top pair of statement heels.

Rachel Comey Sir Barton Boot in Gold. Image sourced from Creatures of Comfort.

Acne Admire Wedge in Purple. Image sourced from Creatures of Comfort.

Thank you very much, Mercibeaucoup!

Does the title of my blog post seem a little nonsensical? While on this afternoon, I came across the eclectic Japanese streetwear designer Eri Utsugi’s line, Mercibeaucoup.

The cute and crazy, Eri Utsugi. Image sourced from the

I personally want to thank this brilliantly unconventional designer for brightening up my Thursday afternoon and kicking some pre-Christmas spirit into the kid in me. Introducing the Mercibeaucoup line - an inspirational collection stemming from the designer's recent trip to Finland. Think Alexander McQueen tarten meets Japanese anime on Christmas Eve. I am now pining for candy canes, tinsel, and cruising the Christmas light circuit of around my neighbourhood. Using the words of my darling boyfriend, I'm Christmas Eve-ing.
Feeling Christmas-ee? If only Australia experienced a winter wonderland during the holiday season. Image sourced from

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huh? What did you say?

According to research in the US reported on the New York Times' website, one in five teenagers now have hearing problems – a steep inclination compared to one in seven teens who suffered from the loss of hearing ten years ago. The study showed that although the results can not be directly associated with exposure to loud noise, teens have been reported as saying that  it is simply a case of being unaware that they are listening to music at dangerously large volumes.

This finding resonates all too familiarly with me. Image sourced from

Lucy In Disguise

OK, so as some of you may have noticed, I tend to rave on about vintage clothing – where ever it may be sourced from. Well, while reading Grazia UK today at work I discovered that the pregnant Lily Allen, with half-sister Sarah, has opened the vintage boutique, Lucy In Disguise.

I.WANT.THIS.DRESS. Lily Allen pictured with half-sister Sarah. Image sourced from

When news of celebrities taking on business ventures that seem, even for them, out of their league, is slapped across the glossy pages of magazines, I always hear the sound of an old-school cash register bouncing open and shut. Considering a vintage garment is the ‘it’ staple in wardrobes across the world of late, I thought Lily would reap in royal benefits from the pre-loved threads she plans on selling. Although the prices are expected to range from $100 to $6000AUD, you may be able to snag a one off piece for a relatively reasonable price - well, that’s if you fly to the UK and visit her store. In the meantime, I think I’ll wait for Lucy In Disguise to move online.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Satchel Situation

OK, so on the topic of satchels, I came across an interesting article on The Guardian’s website last week that indulged in ways to rock this preppy accessory. According to this story, satchels are kiddy-friendly, defined and restricted to a younger, tween-age demographic. The first thing that came to mind upon reading this was, are they seriously insinuating a mutton dressed like lamb theory here?
Mulberry Alexa bag (named after Miss Chung), Fall 2010. Sourced from Fashion's Most Wanted.

Satchels excite me. Between the idea of soft leather and an item that issues a diverse range of looks, what’s not to love about this style? I mean, it can be worn across the body, the strap can be tied in a knot and thrown on your shoulder as a side bag, or, like the edgy Alexa Chung, a satchel can hung from the inside of your elbow. I don’t think it is an age appropriate accessory at all; if anything, it is quite a timeless piece to arm your fashion wardrobe with.
If Alexa can do it, so can we. Image sourced from

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mesmorised by J Mendel

While traveling the US last year, I met some incredibly generous, hospitable people. From my Hunter S. Thompson wannabe boyfriend (Tyler, I know you’re laughing right now), to my darling roommate from New Mexico, I was truly devastated to wave them all farewell earlier this year. I was especially saddened to say goodbye to a young and fabulous New Yorker who so generously gave me his Priscilla – the Louis Vuitton satchel bag he had sported for years – while we chatted over drinks in a bar in Chelsea. Alex, a designer for the illustrious New York label, J Mendel is New York personfied as he exudes style and all things classic. Alex recently showcased his talent with J Mendel at New York Fashion Week. Envious? Totally.

Read this wonderful review of this label’s efforts at NYFW on Even though Alex and I only shared a one-off chance encounter, this article caused me to tilt my head, release an embarrsingly goofy grin, and feel quite proud of my American friend. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bags that don't break the bank

So, my purse is currently parched and thirsty for some serious cash. Consequently, this drought is deterring me from moving forward with my Alexander Wang bag campaign. I have spent countless hours contemplating ways of ascertaining AW's Jena clutch but coming up empty handed.

Swedish stylist, and creator of the blog Fashion Squad, Carolina Engman shows off her AW Jena clutch

Well, thankfully, Singapore's self-taught baker, Felicia, came up with a way to cater to my materialistic needs - as well as my sinful sweet-tooth - without fatally dehydrating my dollar-dry wallet.

Applying her own methods, determination, and creativity in her quest to give her friend Mulberry's Alexa bag, Felicia made a replica - entirely out of cake. I think this delicious gesture beats any leather handbag, don't you agree?


It’s hard to stand out amongst a sea of hipsters competing for the title, Most Unique, Weird, Whacky, and Original. After churning through search engines and websites while looking for tea cup cozies, I came across a piece of jewelry that arrested me with its matchless appeal: chrdesigns' handmade silver bird nest ring with golden eggs.

Using silver Parawire, chrdesigns employed basket weaving techniques to construct the nest, then dropped in three golden freshwater pearls to complete the package. I truly admire the bizarre, yet brilliant approach to the creative process and design of producing this trinket. Priced at only $26USD, chrdesigns can custom make you your own nest ring to suit the size of your finger, as well as giving you a selection of different coloured materials to choose from.

Stop. Check pulse. Take a breath. OK, I have recovered. Now, to find my credit card.

The way to a woman’s heart

Chocolate is no longer just an aphrodisiac to soothe heart-break. Occasionally snacking on what was once conceived as a guilty pleasure, chocolate actually reduces the risk of heart failure within older women. Now, this isn’t a pro-cocoa crusade validating the excessive amount of sweets I eat. This discovery is the result of research conducted in Sweden, concluding that women who indulge in one to two doses of chocolate a week reduce the chance of suffering heart failure by 32%.

It’s time to reunite with my best friends, Lindt, Cadbury, and Guylian – it has certainly been too long.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Crushing on The Sartorialist

Fact: The Sartorialist has been recognised as Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers. Fact: You’ll never find more beautiful, yet naturally, stylish people huddled together in a parade of paparazzi-style happy snaps on one website other than The Sartorialist. Fact: This blog site leaves me wondering if I could marry New York City, like Carrie Bradshaw married the Manolo Blahnik brand. It could happen, right?

The mastermind behind The Sartorialist

New York City, from my perspective, epitomises a best friend, mother, brother, a dog named Chako, all wrapped in one: home. Anyone feel like shouting me a ticket? Thanks to this unbelievable blog, I get my NYC-fix, coupled with style trends that are effortlessly cool – an ideal way to round off a busy day of transcribing interviews. Agree?

Soho, one day, we will be one.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Not sure if I mentioned earlier, but I happen to work as an (unpaid) editorial intern for a magazine – yes, the mag-hag is putting her aimless ranting and obsession with the printed word to practice. Well, today is a monumental day for this self-confessed magazine hoarder (OK, I’ll stop narrating in the third person): I was sent a gift from Nudie Juice for writing a piece about their delicious coconut water in last month’s issue!
Fastened with a sweet, satin bow, this purple bag held some complimentary samples and a hand-written note, thanking me for the blurb I had written about Nudie in the magazine!

I can honestly say that flavoured water has not excited me more!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playing dress-ups

It is common knowledge that vintage shopping is directing traffic in the fashion world. Vintage boutiques have had a retail epiphany, jacking up the dollar signs on one person’s trash, selling it as a costly pre-loved treasure. Steering away from second-hand clothes bins, what some people may not realise is that hunting for a one-of-a-kind staple garment can be as simple (and successful) as raiding your stylish, older sister’s wardrobe – or mother’s, in my case. Unleash the dress up box.

With style icons like Gaga making taffeta trendy and cigarette-couture cool, dress-up boxes are vintage-lovers’ Holy Grail.

Whipping out a stepladder, climbing to the top of my Mum’s cupboard, and pulling down her box of dress-ups (with her permission, of course), I found an assortment of fun, original pieces to add to my own collection. Tucked away in the depths of what seems like the magical wardrobe of Narnia, I was transported to her days as a punk anarchist during the late 70’s, early 80’s. I came across the black leather jacket, equipped with zips and batwing sleeves, that she had blown her two-week pay-packet on, as well as an incredible black, pink, and purple tulle skirt that Mum said, "defined her youth".

Pixie Geldof knows how to rock n' revamp her wardrobe with a vintage leather jacket

What made the whole experience so unique was the commentary that complimented the discovery of each item of clothing. I mean, I knew my Mum was a wild one in her early twenties, but to actually visualise her in these clothes was like putting a forgotten name to a familiar face – these clothes personified the person my mum was at my age.

The clothes one person stowed away from their past in an unmarked dress-up box, could be another’s secret fashion weapon – a weapon that not only brings individuality to the forefront of someone’s closet, but something that serves as an eco-friendly tool that is a great way to save some cash.

So, what’s in your dress-up box? It’s time for a retro-revival, ladies.

I just don't get it!

There are a number of things I am attempting to grapple with at the moment, with one of the less money-related issues being people wearing thongs on a rainy day. I truly don’t understand the thought process people go through when deciding to slip on a pair of flip-flops to tackle a miserable, inclement day. Soggy feet, water sitting inconveniently between your toes, and the sound of squeaky rubber – gross, right?

Anyone in agreeance?

Smitten with gingerbread

Hasn’t it been such a long time? Apologies on my part. Hopefully, the sweet treat I have in store for you won’t just soothe your Bits & Bobs craving (note the hint of sarcasm), but will also leave you pining for gingerbread and a hot, milky cup of tea – can you think of anything more delightful? Didn’t think so.

Yes, I know we’re waving an enthusiatic wave of goodbye to the cooler months, but I just couldn’t keep this winter delight to myself! These gingerbread houses have parked themselves quite comfortably on the edge of mugs, thanks to the incredible Megan at This unbelievably talented lass even teaches you how to make these tea-time embellishments yourself! Delicious!

I love nerds

A couple of years ago while watching the first season of The OC, I became love-smacked with Anna’s quirky style and disposition, as well as the fact that she made out with Seth numerous times. This television experience made me (embarrassingly) a love sick teen, coveting an Orange County experience and a skinny, nerdy boyfriend. I mean, think about it: Adam Brody glamourised ‘geek’ and introduced the world to boys in skinny jeans and Chucks.

Well, ladies, want to transform your boyfriend’s wardrobe to geek him out? Check out this hip-to-be-square (I didn’t find this term on an episode of Sesame Street, what are you talking about?) website to get your fix: Seth Cohen, you will be mine.

Last week's nerdboyfriend inspiration, Sir Ian McKellan.