Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you very much, Mercibeaucoup!

Does the title of my blog post seem a little nonsensical? While on this afternoon, I came across the eclectic Japanese streetwear designer Eri Utsugi’s line, Mercibeaucoup.

The cute and crazy, Eri Utsugi. Image sourced from the

I personally want to thank this brilliantly unconventional designer for brightening up my Thursday afternoon and kicking some pre-Christmas spirit into the kid in me. Introducing the Mercibeaucoup line - an inspirational collection stemming from the designer's recent trip to Finland. Think Alexander McQueen tarten meets Japanese anime on Christmas Eve. I am now pining for candy canes, tinsel, and cruising the Christmas light circuit of around my neighbourhood. Using the words of my darling boyfriend, I'm Christmas Eve-ing.
Feeling Christmas-ee? If only Australia experienced a winter wonderland during the holiday season. Image sourced from

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