Monday, September 13, 2010

Crushing on The Sartorialist

Fact: The Sartorialist has been recognised as Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers. Fact: You’ll never find more beautiful, yet naturally, stylish people huddled together in a parade of paparazzi-style happy snaps on one website other than The Sartorialist. Fact: This blog site leaves me wondering if I could marry New York City, like Carrie Bradshaw married the Manolo Blahnik brand. It could happen, right?

The mastermind behind The Sartorialist

New York City, from my perspective, epitomises a best friend, mother, brother, a dog named Chako, all wrapped in one: home. Anyone feel like shouting me a ticket? Thanks to this unbelievable blog, I get my NYC-fix, coupled with style trends that are effortlessly cool – an ideal way to round off a busy day of transcribing interviews. Agree?

Soho, one day, we will be one.

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