Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playing dress-ups

It is common knowledge that vintage shopping is directing traffic in the fashion world. Vintage boutiques have had a retail epiphany, jacking up the dollar signs on one person’s trash, selling it as a costly pre-loved treasure. Steering away from second-hand clothes bins, what some people may not realise is that hunting for a one-of-a-kind staple garment can be as simple (and successful) as raiding your stylish, older sister’s wardrobe – or mother’s, in my case. Unleash the dress up box.

With style icons like Gaga making taffeta trendy and cigarette-couture cool, dress-up boxes are vintage-lovers’ Holy Grail.

Whipping out a stepladder, climbing to the top of my Mum’s cupboard, and pulling down her box of dress-ups (with her permission, of course), I found an assortment of fun, original pieces to add to my own collection. Tucked away in the depths of what seems like the magical wardrobe of Narnia, I was transported to her days as a punk anarchist during the late 70’s, early 80’s. I came across the black leather jacket, equipped with zips and batwing sleeves, that she had blown her two-week pay-packet on, as well as an incredible black, pink, and purple tulle skirt that Mum said, "defined her youth".

Pixie Geldof knows how to rock n' revamp her wardrobe with a vintage leather jacket

What made the whole experience so unique was the commentary that complimented the discovery of each item of clothing. I mean, I knew my Mum was a wild one in her early twenties, but to actually visualise her in these clothes was like putting a forgotten name to a familiar face – these clothes personified the person my mum was at my age.

The clothes one person stowed away from their past in an unmarked dress-up box, could be another’s secret fashion weapon – a weapon that not only brings individuality to the forefront of someone’s closet, but something that serves as an eco-friendly tool that is a great way to save some cash.

So, what’s in your dress-up box? It’s time for a retro-revival, ladies.

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