Monday, September 20, 2010

Mesmorised by J Mendel

While traveling the US last year, I met some incredibly generous, hospitable people. From my Hunter S. Thompson wannabe boyfriend (Tyler, I know you’re laughing right now), to my darling roommate from New Mexico, I was truly devastated to wave them all farewell earlier this year. I was especially saddened to say goodbye to a young and fabulous New Yorker who so generously gave me his Priscilla – the Louis Vuitton satchel bag he had sported for years – while we chatted over drinks in a bar in Chelsea. Alex, a designer for the illustrious New York label, J Mendel is New York personfied as he exudes style and all things classic. Alex recently showcased his talent with J Mendel at New York Fashion Week. Envious? Totally.

Read this wonderful review of this label’s efforts at NYFW on Even though Alex and I only shared a one-off chance encounter, this article caused me to tilt my head, release an embarrsingly goofy grin, and feel quite proud of my American friend. 

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