Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Satchel Situation

OK, so on the topic of satchels, I came across an interesting article on The Guardian’s website last week that indulged in ways to rock this preppy accessory. According to this story, satchels are kiddy-friendly, defined and restricted to a younger, tween-age demographic. The first thing that came to mind upon reading this was, are they seriously insinuating a mutton dressed like lamb theory here?
Mulberry Alexa bag (named after Miss Chung), Fall 2010. Sourced from Fashion's Most Wanted.

Satchels excite me. Between the idea of soft leather and an item that issues a diverse range of looks, what’s not to love about this style? I mean, it can be worn across the body, the strap can be tied in a knot and thrown on your shoulder as a side bag, or, like the edgy Alexa Chung, a satchel can hung from the inside of your elbow. I don’t think it is an age appropriate accessory at all; if anything, it is quite a timeless piece to arm your fashion wardrobe with.
If Alexa can do it, so can we. Image sourced from intheircloset.com

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