Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bags that don't break the bank

So, my purse is currently parched and thirsty for some serious cash. Consequently, this drought is deterring me from moving forward with my Alexander Wang bag campaign. I have spent countless hours contemplating ways of ascertaining AW's Jena clutch but coming up empty handed.

Swedish stylist, and creator of the blog Fashion Squad, Carolina Engman shows off her AW Jena clutch

Well, thankfully, Singapore's self-taught baker, Felicia, came up with a way to cater to my materialistic needs - as well as my sinful sweet-tooth - without fatally dehydrating my dollar-dry wallet.

Applying her own methods, determination, and creativity in her quest to give her friend Mulberry's Alexa bag, Felicia made a replica - entirely out of cake. I think this delicious gesture beats any leather handbag, don't you agree?

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