Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LC's Beauty Department

Image sourced from The Beauty Deprartment, via Refinery 29 and The Cut.

Whether it be watching repeats of The Hills or picking up the March issue of CLEO – did you know CLEO was the first Australian magazine to have LC as a cover girl? – I have enviously attempted to fault LC, coming up empty handed; she is just so frickin’ gorgeous! My jealousy focuses in on not only her Teen Vogue internship, but also extends as far as her perfect tresses – straight or curled –, her cat’s eye eye-liner technique, and her regular wear of black nail polish.

For those who share my beauty grudge against LC, unable to mimic her style without a little assistance, introducing The Beauty Department: the collaboration of Conrad and her makeup and hair stylists, offering their tips and tutorials to the World Wide Web on their new website, launching yesterday.

Image sourced from The Beauty Department.

As the old, cliché saying goes: ‘if you can't be her, join her.’ We’ll all be reality television material soon enough – and I’m talking The Hills, not Jersey Shore.

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  1. I agree with you El, LC is amazing. I love her! I love her 'white shirt, red lipstick' style here too xx