Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Portman

Image sourced from www.weheartit.com.

Yeah, we all know Natalie Portman is kind of a big deal in Hollywood, correct? What with her Best Actress Award at the 83rd Academy Awards earlier this year for her role in Black Swan – and not to mention her unforgettable performances in my personal favourites, Garden State and Closer, Portman is, for lack of a better or more original phrase (it’s been a long week), kicking the Hollywood movie scene’s proverbial ass. Australia, too, recognises her world-wide success with both InStyle Australia (yay, Chloe!) and madison magazines, featuring the star on the cover of each of their May issues.

Although, it wasn’t the accolades or her flawless face plastering newsstands which caught my complete attention; yesterday I discovered Natalie Portman is a rapper. OK, so I am a little late in picking up on this bizarre fact. In 2008, getting ghetto-fab and armed with a trash mouth giving Andy Samberg’s genitals reason to be scared of her, Portman performed ‘Natalie’s Rap’ on Saturday Night Live. Drinking, excreting, fornicating – all defined using enough profanities to carry a successful conversation between two drunk sailors – Portman, within the rap, is (rightfully) described as a ‘bad-ass bitch’ – and despite how crass I am making this song out to be, it is absolutely hilarious. A+ for Portman.

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