Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dang, it seems as though I am not 'cool' enough to sustain a friendship with some people on Facebook.

We're all guilty of aimlessly wandering Face-space, right? Getting lost in profile after profile with each click of the mouse, a person can acquire enough gossip material to write their own reality television series. Facebook is the online arena where relationships are made and broken, all within the span of a few hundred characters. Facebook is also home to the 'cool' class and the 'Remove from Friends' button - a mechanism determining the difference between virtual friends and foes.

While cyber-stalking this afternoon, I became aware of a few private profiles that I was once able to view due to our agreed 'friend' status. This realisation took me back to a feature article I wrote about exploring whether a Facebook etiquette exists within the growing digital age. I mean, going from 'In a Relationship' to 'Single' within this social media landscape is a more reliable device of making a statement than having an in-depth gossip session with your girlfriends. Hmph, it's about time people learned some manners!

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