Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fierce & Fish-ous

Last week, I was watching repeat episodes of Gossip Girl and it turns out that celebrity guests, like Hilary Duff, drop in to cause some trouble, Little J’s role is to cool-ify the term ‘goth’, while Serena and Blair take turns in showcasing a myriad of styles and trends that are later copied by women across the globe.

It was during one particular episode that Serena – played by the insatiably stunning, Blake Lively – lands a job as a publicist and attends a movie premiere with her client. Serena rocked a loose fish plait that sat on her shoulder which complimented her sequinned dress.

I’m not sure if it was admiration or pure envy that re-sparked my love for fish plaits, but I certainly know that Gossip Girl was the catalyst.


  1. It just like the 'Wang' plait... Only cooler... x

  2. you need to teach me tomorrow night!! x