Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yes, the gym IS good for you

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Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the simple things in life which can make us happy, rather than focusing on what can do the opposite. 

While reading The Guardian's article Health clubs are not a con. Of course healthy lifestyles are good for you. I couldn't get over how simplistic, yet necessary this message is to communicate: exercise can make you happy. At times, we tend to forget fitness isn't just about weight-loss or sculpting a sweet set of abs (um ... what?); David Stalker suggests, "there are numerous lifestyle-related conditions that can be prevented or managed by being active. Looking at physical activity solely through an obesity-tinted lens ignores its physical, mental, social and emotional benefits".

So, while you may be enticed to take up a sword-fighting class at your local gym because you've heard it will work wonders on toning your arm muscles, take a step back and think about just how fun this class can be - and how good that is for your general well-being. 

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