Saturday, June 4, 2011


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During any spare moment, I either devour a magazine or internet. Like the word Google, internet-ing is now, well, for me, an adjective (I wonder if Anna Wintour would approve of my latest Urban Dictionary inspired term?). Well, while internet-ing this week, losing myself in links and pages extending from my go-to websites and blogs (like, Refinery29, Cut, Vulture, PedestrianThe New York Times, The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald) I came across some facts I couldn't deter from mentioning on my blog.

1. Anna Wintour dislikes adjectives (!?)

2. Lady Gaga chews up record sales, as well as Letterman's notes

3. Zooey Deschanel has launched a new women-friendly website

Admittedly, fossicking the World Wide Web for stories ideas or inspiration calms me more than having a few hours free to paint my fingernails - which is a rarity, in itself! Geeky? Yes. Necessary? Completely.

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