Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleep the benefits

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On this wintery, cold June morning, I woke up sleepy, despite having over eight hours sleep. I rolled out of bed contemplating an early siesta at 9am - yeah, that kind of sleepy. All this time spent on thinking about lethargy and how nice it would be to crawl back into bed for just a few more hours caused me to question just how important sleep is for us.

OK, OK obviously without sleep we'd all trot around like the un-dead and, perhaps, tear our next-door neighbour's limbs off in an effort to soothe the hunger of needing some shut-eye (isn't what all those weird zombie movies are all about?). However, researchers in San Antonio, Texas have discovered that sleep can actually restore one's colour reception, sharpening the way in which we the view the world on a daily basis. Scientists have also found that sleep makes our memories stronger and assists with creativity.

So, it seems sleep is pretty important - not just in the way of trying to kick a headache or snooze off a few too many glasses of wine, but each night's slumber can also improve your quality of life. In a huge way.

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