Friday, February 18, 2011

Jelly Beach

It seems apologies are handed out far too frequently on this blog; my lack of presence can be blamed on an insanely busy uni break, being chained to Gosford RSL club - my bad!

Now, it's a wet, overcast Saturday morning in February; my boyfriend has just left for Japan, I am without a fresh magazine to read, and can't be bothered to turn the kettle on - the perfect recipe for initiating a blog session! With the dreary weather kicking in - yet the humidity still manages to inconveniently hover over us! - I am reminded that the season of Summer, unfortunately, has an annual expiration date.

Summer, for Australians, brings hot, sticky Christmas', festivals packed with shirtless attendees (this may be viewed as a positive or negative characteristic of the Australian summer festival circuit), as well as days spent at the beach, followed by eating ice-cream in an air-conditioned house, nursing skin that, perhaps, got a little too sun-kissed. Summer is the smell of sunscreen, knotted buns situated on the tops of girls' heads, mangoes and cherries, and the smell of burning cash as wallets are left dry after endless parties and get-togethers across December and January.

I'm assuming you've heard the cliche saying: "all good things come to an end". Fortunately for us, there's no saying goodbye to Summer; we'll be back enjoying the stifling heat and trips to Jelly Beach in no time - we only have less than a year to wait!

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