Friday, May 7, 2010

Revived and Reconnected

Times of grieving can be inconvenient, lengthy, and arduous. Whether it be the emotional disintegration or death of a failed relationship, or the physical detachment from somebody or something you love, grief is undoubtedly destructive, leaving scattered debris on the path of a person’s future.
Two months ago, my laptop was stolen. With this information alone, people may view this blog entry as being the materialistic confessions of a pretentious person who hasn’t really felt a true sense of loss and absence - like when a friend or family member passes away. I really don’t blame them.
However, I am not mourning the loss of the computer itself. After traveling across the US, Canada, and Europe last year, that slender slab of metal and wires was stapled to my side, accompanying me on 20 hour bus rides, cross-continental flights and countless hours spent in airport terminals. The stories I vacuumed up from these places were raw, first-hand experiences that were unique and, at times, confronting - ideal writing material. So that’s what I did; I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I noted everything I saw, heard, felt, touched, and smelt (has anyone ever noticed that the United States smells of sugar and Krispy Kreme donuts?). I wrote fiction pieces, inspired by the new feelings I was experiencing, coupled with the foreign places I was visiting. I drafted travel memoirs and essays, love letters and stories (I once detested gooey love stories and I promised my Mum I wouldn’t fall in love overseas, oops), and collaborated idiotic haikus with friends.
Isn’t it bizarre how attached people can become with technology? My laptop was my life. Losing all of my work was my own fault, really. I had only backed up 2GB worth of documents from the past four years on a portable USB device. Everything else was lost, including copious amounts of writing, videos, photos and music.

I didn’t get out of bed for two days after my laptop was stolen. Two months have passed and I am now feeling revived and reconnected with my new word processor (and external hard drive!). This is my first piece of writing since.

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  1. Haikus? Love letters? You sound like some kind of gaylord, "Ellie," if that is your real name. Yet I feel like I wanna write you some sort of haiku love letter. So conflicted...:P