Friday, November 19, 2010


It has been a very busy few weeks, hence the lack of blog posting. After travelling for 36 hours (with six hours spent admiring the refined leather attire of Italians in Rome airport) I finally made it to Interlaken, Switzerland - my first stop in Europe. From the Swiss Alps, to the Red Light District in Amsterdam, followed by visiting family in Germany, I am now sitting in a hotel room in Paris.

Sacré Coeur - this picture certainly does not do this religious landmark any justice. Image sourced from

The busy streets of Paris are not only lined with intricate architecture, but also many beautiful people, decked head to toe in fur, walking their dogs - both big and small - while smoking cigarettes. So far, I have climbed part of the Eiffel Tower, lit a candle in Notre Dame for Kathrina's aunt, Ulla and palmed off a touchy busker at the Sacré Coeur. This trip has also been quite a culinary experience, as I have tasted the most delicious red wine and last night I ate escargot - I think this will make my Mum jealous; she loves French food! There is still so much to see, but today is going to be dedicated to the Opera Theatre, the Galleries Lafayette and the Louvre (!!!).

The Notre Dame Church. During the French Revolution, revolutionaries cut off the heads of the concrete priests, believing that they were kings. The heads were eventually glued back on once these people realised that the so-called concrete kings were, in fact, members of the Catholic church. Image sourced from
However, even though I feel very fortunate to be in Europe, I miss the Australian sun and a handful of people who I wish could see all of this with me.

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  1. It all sounds amazing El, and I am insanely jealous. Mum & Dad went to visit Sas in Switzerland & said it's so beautiful there.
    Hope you're still having a ball, everyone back home is missing you!! xx